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NFT owners will be able to Stake their NFTs on the platform. In return they are rewarded with $GEMS.  These reward tokens can be used in-game and for NFT purchases such as Land Plots. They are also tradable, meaning a potential source of passive income.  Rewards are boosted the longer the NFT is staked, giving incentive for users to keep their NFTs staked and in turn reducing the number available to purchase on secondary markets. This should result in positive price action on said markets.  It is a requirement for users  to stake their NFT in order to access LootWorld.


All In-Game transactions use $GEMS. These tokens exist on the Polygon Network, allowing for super cheap and fast transactions.  With the Polygon network being able to achieve a speed of 7,200 transactions per second (compared to the 15 TPS achieved by the Ethereum blockchain) and incredibly cheap gas cost, we are able to deliver feasible Micro Transactions at minimum cost - essential for a functioning Metaverse Economy.


Users can earn $GEMS in a number of ways.  


  1. Staking their character NFT

  2. Charging users for activities within their section

  3. Winning Battle Tournaments

  4. Completing Treasure Hunts 


$GEMS can be spent in a number of ways.


  1. NFT Plots

  2. Competing in Battle Tournaments

  3. In-Game Items 

  4. Poker and other games

  5. Activities in User Sections


In the future, GEMS will also be tradable on the Uniswap Exchange. 


Future plans also include the ability for users to be able to purchase GEMS directly from the LootWorld site using standard fiat currency.